Friday, December 12, 2008

Παραμονή πεινασμένη

Day 4 of being tied up in my house. Was suppose to DJ at The Whisky Bar tonight, but I decided on the side of reason to stay in til I'm completely healed up. Watching a lot of tv. Theres moments I feel I've lost parts of my physical brain from watching some of this... However its better than ignoring Dr.'s orders and besides the weather outside is completely insane right now. I've opened my blinds to see north looking upwards to the top of Queen Anne Hill where I can see the madness that the wind and rain are creating out there. I'm completely aware of the strong winds simply because they are trying very hard to be noticed outside my windows. Well, back to more important things like watching Everybody Hates Chris.and makin' the best Gyros in the city.

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