Monday, September 28, 2009

Ύπνος μακροχρόνιος, ύπνος καλά

We're given gifts, were revoked of gifts. We can't control some of the most inflicting events upon our hearts. I'm so thankful, and for not 1 second do I take for granted what I have in my life and my friends. Most of my friends I have known for over 20 years now. We've been there for each other, and have grown, but at the same time have never hidden behind any of our dysfunction, or some whirlwind of drama we have created upon ourselves. We've had the balls to confront and recognize some of the shit that life has thrown us, but never to sit complacent and just accept it as most of us have witnessed with most of the world. I'm proud to call my friends "friends". I'm glad to have created the music I have created with them. I'm proud that it has all stood the test of time because it was created out of passion. Not some trend. I'm proud of my life. I'm proud of my Brother, my Mother, my amazing girlfriend, what my Father always taught me. My Father and l butted heads hard as I was growing up, but it's better to think and recognize the intention they had and always had pushed across, then to point fingers and act a victim. I'm an adult and I can only blame myself, correct and move along in the path I choose. However, there are some things we cannot choose. People, close people get taken out of our lives in a split second. The people that you are proud to call "friend" the night you went to sleep, are no longer alive the next morning when you wake. It can happen this quickly. Brian Redman was one of those people. I bonded with him in a very rare way for me. He's on of "us". He never had the need to explain himself, just wants the good for any and everyone, did what he wanted to do, and never hurt anyone. I lost a close friend, and was so proud to call him friend, and was beyond honored to have him driving for Crown. I can still hear him talking, I still have his last email from just 2 days ago. I still have the Hardcore Superstar playlist I made him in my iTunes. I still have his text inviting Nikki and I out to his Fathers place. It's devastating. I haven't lost anyone in awhile, and I've definitely become more methodical with dealing with these things after losing over a dozen friends and family over my life. This one hit me hard. He didn't deserve it. Brian, I love you and miss you, my heart goes out to his Mother who he talked about so much, his Father, his fellow bandmates, his co-workers, and the rest of my drivers. Brian, we all miss you here terribly.

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Dave said...

Brian you are loved and missed.
-Dr. V