Monday, January 19, 2009

Εάν ο κόσμος πήγε μακριά

Every day that I wake up there is always something I learn about myself or about other people. I feel like I'm starting to embrace much more like I did when I felt full of angst and passion when I was younger. It was more positive, more charming to myself. It may have much to do with the newer people that have come across in my life that have renewed a lot of my outlook. I always get excited to meet people that can teach me and motivate me. Life isn't too bad lately... Business is rolling forward at a much quicker pace, its the eve of our new presidents welcome to the White House, my Mother, my Brother are in good health (minus my little flu that I perceived/stubbornly as allergies). I've cut out all recreational drugs that I had been using minus a sleeping aid far and few between, as well as my alcohol intake. Been focusing on less meat, and hoping to get motivated by spring to really start in with the gym again. Went and saw Lemmy's other band Head Cat play the other day at El Corazon. It was great to see him in that venue so close and laid back. I guess he just hung-out afterward and just played pinball. A few crazy strange people, but other than that, it was killer.