Sunday, January 3, 2010

καλή χρονιά

It's a new year, and I'm feeling good. A fresh outlook, actually more like an evolved outlook. Another year, another lesson I always say. I guess it's all part of getting older and that wiser thing old Greek guys told me about when I was a kid. I thought they were all nuts. I feel more focused, care less about any useless bullshit. My time is more valuable than any of that. I'll be making an extra effort to get back the spirit I had when i was a kid that I felt I've been losing in the polluted reality we call life. You know, the corruption, the bullshit attitudes, the left wing, right wing radicals all trying to push their crazy ways (to me that theory represents 2 children on either side of a fence and just throwing rocks back and forth at each other. Completely ridiculous.) I'm going through life from now on invincible. I will never bury feelings to prevent tears, but at the same time, nothing will slow me down. I miss the spirit of the older world. Sort of a "Shut the fuck up and deal with it" ethic. No sick days, no whining, no blame games, just go forth. Try new things, maintain your identity while sampling other cultures of life. Keep an open mind. Of course there are exceptions; Like when that guy sitting next to you at the bar keeps talking about how he's discovered how awesome rockabilly girls are. He's obviously delusional. And with that said, I'm following all the advice I've given myself pre-rockabilly comment and making sure to have a bag big enough to carry a large sense of humour to give to you if you are offended. .


P.S. Ran almost 3miles today, ate a great Greek dinner with my girl, ate some great healthy raw chocolate cake, and I have nothing to complain about.

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Nikki said...

Happy New Year! It's going to be a good one. xoxo